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Arpaio posse aims to throw final blow

Members of the Sheriff Arpiao cold-case investigation posse have concluded a week long Obama birth certificate search in Hawaii, only to find even more damning evidence supporting the President's ultimate ineligibility.

Despite recent threats of federal lawsuits and attempts earlier in the week, by the Obama administration and the establishment's puppet media, to stymie the ongoing investigation with a waterfall of Arpaio hit pieces rolling off the wire, the team is preparing to fully debrief the Sheriffon their most recent Hawaiian findings within the next few days.

A visit by one team member, investigative journalist, Jerome Corsi, to the Alex Jones show Thursday, made some very startling realizations that continue to paint a very dark picture for the possible future of the President and his bid for reelection, once the official press conference takes place in mid-July.


Quoted noticing the strange timing that the government would be holding their own coordinated birth certificate investigation in Arizona and Hawaii at the same time, Corsi explained how lawyers from Hawaii have ultimately crafted a virtual, “non-verification” out of a so-called, “verification” of the existence of information related to the so-called birth certificate.

Corsi suspects the team even being in Hawaii for another round of investigations as likely being one of the main reasons the Hawaii Department of Health tried to verify Obama's alleged Hawaiian birth with Romney's Arizona 2012 campaign Co-Chair and current Arizona Secretary of State, Ken Bennett, who's also hoping to become Arizona Governor, as likely being simple propaganda for public consumption.

The lawyers ultimately declined to verify expected, key information, however, such as if the White House website version of the birth certificate reflects an identical resemblance to others from 1961, that the document shown on the White House website is authentic or accurate, or that Obama was even born in Hawaii at all, etc.

According to Corsi, “Hawaii is not showing us the information in the file, not showing the original, hand-written copy, not showing the micro-film, not showing any of it.”

They instead mumbled legal jargon that only went as far as verifying that a document exists in Hawaii, potentially resembling the information that exists on the 'official' version of the alleged birth certificate by saying, “we verify that this is a 'copy or facsimile' of the information we have about this person's birth in our file.”

Technically, Hawaii still has yet to publicly show any sort of documentation that exists that conclusively supports the claim that Obama was actually born in the 50th state. No one in Hawaii seems to want to fully attach their name on an endorsement or has shown evidence unequivocally putting the debate to rest.

But this isn't the only thing soon to be addressed in further detail.

Other supporting facts that will emerge upon a Sheriff Arpaio team press conference concern 'further' proof even officials at the US State Department don't think that the individual known as Barack Obama Sr. is the President's real father.

The Arpaio press conference will apparently be releasing evidence showing Obama's mother traveling to Kenya for the purposes of having the baby to perpetuate the cover-up that Obama Sr. is the father.

What the information will reveal, as Corsi puts it, is this being the reason why skeptics have argued that it was probably the grandparents, who lived in Hawaii in 1961 and who likely mailed in the request for Obama's Hawaiian birth 'registration', something that is always echoed in the local paper the next day, regardless of how the registration was requested, or by whom. The exact reason for this registration document being the only record that exists, in the USA, that speaks of the birth of this person, until the relatively recent release of extremely questionable birth certificate and selective service documents.

“What you've got here is a case of identity creation, from birth,” Corsi stated during the show, “to conceal a deep secret the family could not release. It all makes perfect sense now,” he added, “especially considering the African tribe Obama's father is supposedly from looks nothing like Obama, in any way.”

Corsi, who was detained and placed under house arrest while investigating birth records in Kenya for his 2011 book, “Where's the Birth Certificate” went on to say that, “the 'Lulo' tribe are very short, very dark and have round heads with sloped foreheads. Whereas, Barack Obama Sr. looks nothing like Obama and Obama looks nothing like that particular tribe, further pointing to Obama Sr. as being nothing more than a front for the Obama birth.”

In addition to information surfacing that Obama's social security number is supposed to be reserved for someone who lived in Connecticut and Obama having never lived there, the fact that Hawaii Governor, Abercrombie never fulfilled his promise of finally showing the world the proof once he became Governor of Hawaii, all points to a laundry list of questions that sill have yet to be truly answered by anyone.

Unless, ofcourse, you ask Obama's Literary Agent, who for 16 years, regularly repeated the fact that Obama was Kenyan born to all that wanted to know. The same individual who also disclosed the name of a business-systems company Obama worked at, while attending Columbia University, a well-known CIA front company.

Ann Dunham, Obama's alleged mother, according to Corsi,was in 5 star hotels and from the Ford Foundation and even working for Timothy Geitner's father, at one point. Not the popular, poor-living anthropologist story typically told by Obama and the media.

Corsi also predicted possible prosecution, for certain high-level officials in Hawaii for aiding in the cover-up. He thinks the law enforcement officials that are currently looking into the situation in Hawaii may end up pursuing charges against those involved, at some point

Look for the rest of this information to be revealed by Corsi and the rest of the investigation team during the official press conference, currently scheduled for mid-July.

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Friday, May 25, 2012


WASHINGTON, May 24, 2012 – The “Verification of Birth” letter sent by the Hawaii State Registrar Alvin T. Onaka Ph.D to Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett fails to respond to the fundamental question asked by Mr. Bennett in a March 30, 2012 letter to Hawaii Department of Health officials:  Whether or not the image of President Obama’s “long form” Certificate of Live Birth, posted on the White House web site on April 27, 2011 is a “true and accurate representation of the original record in your files”.

The official whose signature appears on the “Verification of Birth,” as well as the copy of President Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth released by the White House is Onaka who is refusing to talk to Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (Ariz.) Cold Case Posse investigator Mike Zullo who was on the ground in Hawaii.

In response to an outcry from Arizona constituents troubled by the March 1, 2012 Cold Case Posse announcement there is probable cause the image posted on the White House website is a forgery, Arizona Secretary Bennett enclosed a printout of the White House website image with his letter, and requested verification that the image is a “true and accurate representation of the original record in your files”.

Maricopa County Sheriff's Department Cold Case Posse lead investigator Michael ZulloMaricopa County Sheriff's Department Cold Case Posse lead investigator Michael Zullo

Maricopa County Sheriff's Department Cold Case Posse lead investigator Michael Zullo

At question is that an “official birth certificate” provided on request is not the original document created at the time of birth.  If you are from, say Chicago, you can order an official birth certificate from City Hall, but it is not the original or even an exact facsimile of your birth certificate.  The document you receive carries the Secretary of State’s seal confirming that the same “information” that would be found on your original birth certificate records is accurately reflected.

On May 22, 2012, after more than six weeks of wrangling over the legal authority of Arizona’s request, the Hawaii Department of Health did produce a “Verification of Birth” which at first glance appears to answer Mr. Bennett’s original forgery question.

Arizona Secretary of State Bennett March 30, 2012 letter asked Hawaii health officials the following:

 “Please verify that the attached copy of the Certificate of Live Birth for Mr. Obama is a true and accurate representation of the original record in your files.”

The May 22, 2012 Hawaii “Verification of Birth”, signed by Hawaii State Registrar Onaka, includes the following statement:

“I verify that the information in the copy of the Certificate of Live Birth for Mr. Obama that you attached with your request matches the original record in our file”.

During a forgery investigation, certifying, “information matches” does not address the central and entirely separate issue of a whether a suspicious document is a true copy of an original document.  The question remains if a forgery can contain information similar or even identical to that contained in an authentic document, yet still be a forgery.  

Investigators with the Cold Case Posse announced during a March 1, 2012 press conference that, based on forensic evidence as outlined in a video presentation to reporters, there is probable cause the “long form” Certificate of Live Birth posted on the White House website is a forgery.


Creating suspicion over the documents authenticity is that Hawaii Department of Health officials have consistently blocked any attempts by citizens, the media, and now Arizona law enforcement, to access and inspect President Obama’s original vital records.   

Cold Case Posse lead investigator Michael Zullo, accompanied by a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office deputy, visited the Hawaii Department of Health in Honolulu last Monday, but was not allowed to see President Obama’s birth records.

Even so, Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett said on Wednesday that Hawaii’s “Verification of Birth” satisfies Arizona requirements, and that Barack Obama will appear on the November ballot.

Another example of questionable language being incorporated in documents surrounding President Obama’s vital records includes the new Selective Service System privacy rules as uncovered by Communities @WashingtonTimes.com. Published only four days after an announcement by World Net Daily that Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse was opening an investigation of allegations that President Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth and selective service registration form were forgeries, those privacy rules contain subtle changes in language.

A May 10, 2012 letter  from the Selective Service System Associate Director for Public and Intergovernmental Affairs Richard Flahavan to Cold Case Posse lead investigator Michael Zullo also contains carefully crafted legal language that navigates around fundamental questions presented to the agency by investigators while failing to provide direct answers.

The release of the “Verification of Birth” coincides with a perfect storm of developments that relate to President Obama’s birth certificate, to wit:

Four days before Hawaii officials released the “Verification of Birth”, Breitbart.com uncovered  a 1991 promotional client list pamphlet published by the President’s former literary agency Acton & Dystel, which proclaims that Barack Obama was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii”.

Miriam Goderich, now with Drystel & Goderich Literary Management, issued a press release in response to discovery of the pamphlet:

“This was nothing more than a fact checking error by me -- an agency assistant at the time. There was never any information given to us by Obama in any of his correspondence or other communications suggesting in any way that he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. I hope you can communicate to your readers that this was a simple mistake and nothing more."

On Monday May 21, 2012, one day before the “Verification of Birth” was released, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio dispatched Cold Case Posse lead investigator Michael Zullo to Hawaii, accompanied by a deputy due to unspecified security concerns.

Sheriff Arpaio told ABC15 Phoenix on Tuesday that he doesn’t care how much the investigation costs.  “If I have to send ten deputies down there for security reasons, I’ll do it” he said. 

In the meantime, major media outlets such as USA Today were reporting on Secretary Bennett’s statement to a radio interviewer that it “was possible” President Obama would not make it onto the Arizona ballot for the November general election.

Following the release of the Hawaii “Verification of Birth”, some media called for the official end to all questions concerning President Obama’s Hawaii birth records while failing to carefully analyze the response provide by Dr. Onaka to Secretary Bennett’s specific requests.

 Also of interest is that It has been noted that the April 27, 2011 release of an image the White House maintains is President Obama’s Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth coincided with the publication of Jerome Cori’s book “Where’s the Birth Certificate?”


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Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Question of Legitimacy - White Paper

By: Hugh McInnish
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Friday, May 18, 2012


FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2012

Was Obama lying about his physical place of birth then or is he lying now? Either way he’s a liar. He’s also a felony draft registration evader, government document forger, and identity thief using someone else’s CT Social Security Number.

Bio info for 1991 brochure submitted by author/Obama himself

Click on the image for the evidence

Bio info submitted by author/Obama — Response now is it was a ‘Fact Checking Error’? But Dystel & Goderich Procedures Ask Writers to Submit Their Own Bios

See article here: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/05/18/dystel-biography-submission-guidelines-obama-kenya-fact-checking-error
Not only are there pre-2007 U.S. accounts that Obama was born in Kenya, but pre-2007 African newspaper accounts too.  Are newspapers on two continents published over many, many years all wrong?  Common sense tells us that Obama is a fraud:

College admission records will likely show he attended as a foreign born student.  That is why Obama is hiding his college records.  Obama likely never registered for the draft since he was a foreign student and did not have to.  Thus the need in 2008 to forge and back date a draft registration card.  Hawaiian laws allowed children born abroad to a Hawaiian citizen to be registered as born in Hawaii.  Thus Obama could have been physically born in Kenya and yet registered by mother or grandmother in HI as born there which would trigger the newspaper accounts in the HI papers in 1961.  Thus the need to forge the long form birth certificate PDF file put on the White House servers in April 2011.
Was Obama lying about his physical place of birth then or is he lying now?  Either way he’s a liar.  He’s also a felony draft registration evader, government document forger, and identity thief using someone else’s CT Social Security Number.
CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)
# # # #
The natural born Citizen clause in our Constitution is a national security clause inserted into our Constitution by John Jay and George Washington.  Read why the natural born Citizen clause is still important and worth protecting.
Five Citizenship Terms Mentioned in the U.S. Constitution:http://www.scribd.com/doc/11737124/Citizenship-Terms-Used-in-the-US-Constitution-The-5-Terms-Defined-Some-Legal-Reference-to-Same 
Of Trees and Plants and Basic Logic and Citizenship Types:http://www.scribd.com/doc/44814496/Of-Trees-and-Plants-and-Basic-Logic-Citizen-at-Birth-NOT-Identical-to-Natural-Born-Citizen
See evidence Obama forged the birth certificate posted on White House servers 27 Apr 2011:http://www.scribd.com/collections/3166684
See evidence Obama is using a SSN 042-68-4425 not legally issued to him: http://www.scribd.com/collections/3260742
See evidence of Obama’s forged and back dated draft registration here: http://www.debbieschlussel.com/4428/exclusive-did-next-commander-in-chief-falsify-selective-service-registration-never-actually-register-obamas-draft-registration-raises-serious-questions/

Click on image for more details
The Obama constitutional eligibility issue is not a fringe issue:
 A poll done by Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows that almost 2/3 of GOP voters want Obama’s constitutional eligibility and true legal identity investigated: http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.printable&pageId=340805
This recent poll in AZ shows 6 out of 10 voters there want Obama identity and eligibility investigated:http://www.wnd.com/2012/05/amazing-number-want-to-know-candidates-eligibility
CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)
Lehigh Valley PA USA

“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation without knowing how it happened.” Ronald Reagan alerting us to Norman Thomas’ and the socialist/progressives’ long-term stealth agenda to transform the USA from a constitutional republic into a top-down, central controlled, socialist form of government

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Friday, May 11, 2012


Obama: ’2012 is Make or Break for American Marxism’

Campaigning non-stop since 2008, except for his frequent golfing and vacation adventures, he has never ended his ongoing run for POTUS.  On Saturday 5 May, Obama continued along this course and gave, yet, another campaign speech on Saturday 5 May.  Although repeating one of his oft-used campaign mantras that the upcoming 2012 elections “will be a make or break moment for the middle class,” as Obama has actually been summarily and purposefully destroying jobs and the economy of the middle class, I believe an  accurate translation is needed.  That translation is:  “The 2012 elections will be a make or break moment for Marxism, my forced imposition of totalitarianism, the complete bending and surrender of Americans to my will and the destruction of their God-given freedoms, religion and liberties!”

The reality of ObamaGov is that the US dictator-in-chief has been installing his (or Soros’) own version of a combination Marxist/Maoist/Fascist/Nazi/Islamist/Black Liberation government since he usurped the office of president of the United States.  Despite any ‘pesky’ US elections (which we suspect are already heavily and illegally rigged by his syndicate in Obama’s favor), if by some miracle he actually loses reelection I predict that Obama will not leave We-the-People’s White House voluntarily.

Note:  Since Obama was selected, he has acted neither honorably nor legally in virtually any of his dealings.  So why would anyone think he would begin when and if the upcoming election does not go in his favor?

Since his first days illegally (ineligibly) holding the office of president of the United States, Obama began issuing [illegal] Executive Orders…the first was to hide all of his birth records, school transcripts and anything else that might tell us the truth about who Barack Hussein Obama really is.  The latest Executive Orders issued by Obama include both the subjugation of the USA to International regulatory commissions (to be created and named) and place the USA closer to becoming the “North American Union” and eliminating both our sovereignty and the need for US citizenship–which have already been greatly diminished…if not decimated…by Obama.  It also appears that due to the sheer number of EOs issued by this man that some appear to not even be numbered anymore while others that greatly work toward removal of our sovereignty may not even be published for public viewing.  This is truly the most opaque and obscure presidency in the history of what was once our country.  Hiding everything this regime (aka syndicate) does is always the ongoing order of each and every day.

The establishment of a suppressive totalitarian government which rules the serfs (aka “former US citizens”) is the goal of the despotic and tyrannical Obama syndicate.  And if we do not accept our serfdom, the so-called FEMA (aka “retraining”) camps beckon us with an uncanny and vicious malevolence.  I have writtenmultiple columns on this subject but, for any who are still uncertain I highly recommend Doug Hagmann’s article “The planned re-election of Obama, revolutionary style” in which he chillingly writes:

The Obama administration, including his czars and along with his closest Progressive supporters, are planning a manufactured insurgency against America. He is using the media to his advantage to garner both sympathy and support for his unfinished goals. He is desperately seeking a way to remain in office, even if it means the surreal prospect of an indefinite postponement of elections – if it can be pulled off. So far, he’s got the support of the majority of the DHS “brass” behind him, according to my source.

Wonder why those on-the-ground and black helicopter military drills and heavy equipment shipments (including hundreds of tanks and artillery)   have been ongoing nationwide for months now?  The answer strongly and, now, corroboratively seems to be that the Obama syndicate is planning to foment all manner of violence and civil disobedience (using his bought and paid for with our money “Occupiers,” New Black Panthers and general mercenary roving mobs) in order to take our country and all of We-the-People down.  The ObamaPolice have already begun shutting down meetings that involve supporting the US Constitution.  When CAIR complained that a pro-Constitution meeting was being held, the Allegan, Michigan Police Department shut the assembly down.  Free speech–unless its agreed to by the ruling Marxist-Islamist class–is now verboten.

We have already lost our country. And are now down to a single question.  Do we have the courage and honor to do that which is necessary to take our country back or are we now willing to go quietly to the slaughter the ObamaGov has planned for us?

The End Game is now being played…and it’s solidly against us.

“And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbour: the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honorable”
–Isaiah 3:5

“Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not”
–Jeremiah 33:3

Middle class ‘make-or-break moment’ for Barack Obama
at theaustralian.com.au

Executive Orders:


Obama Signs Order Promoting International Regulatory Cooperation:
at raps.org

New Obama Executive Order Pushes Us Closer To A North American Union
at infowars.com

Obama Order Urges Rule Review to Boost U.S. Company Trade
at businessweek.com

The planned re-election of Obama, revolutionary style
at canadafreepress.com

Police Shut-down Event Promoting U.S. Constitution. CAIR Behind the Shutdown
at visiontoamerica.org

Sher Zieve is an author and political commentator. Zieve’s op-ed columns are widely carried by multiple internet journals and sites, and she also writes hard news.

Her columns have also appeared in The Oregon Herald, Dallas Times, Sacramento Sun, in international news publications, and on multiple university websites. Sher is also a guest on multiple national radio shows.

Sher can be reached at [email protected]

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Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Progressive Vote Fraud and Intimidation EXPOSED

Hat Tip: Logan Churchwell
Accuracy in Media

WASHINGTON, May 8, 2012 ? Accuracy in Media’s Center for Investigative Journalism released a special report exposing the history, current tactics and implications of progressive vote fraud and intimidation.

“The ultimate goal is systematized, taxpayer-funded voting machinery that will guarantee maximum participation from the Left’s voting demographic while undermining the ability to manage elections and prevent fraud,” special report author James Simpson said. “The strategy is a deliberate, premeditated, comprehensive plan to win the 2012 presidential election at all costs, and is in keeping with the organizational methods, associations and ethics of the Community-Organizer-in-Chief, Barack Obama.”

Accuracy in Media (AIM) Chairman Don Irvine explained the necessity for the investigation today.

“For too long, the American public had only held a fragmented knowledge of vote fraud and intimidation,” Irvine said. “The mainstream press have treated the issue as if it were a grab-bag of accusations, rumor and conspiracy theories for electoral losers. This report is intended to be the go-to resource for understanding the entire threat to our representative Republic.”

The complete special report can be found here.

James Simpson is a former Office of Management and Budget economist and budget analyst. Best known for his exposé of the Cloward Piven Strategy of manufactured crisis, his writings have been published in American Thinker, Big Government, Washington Times, FrontPage Magazine, Whistleblower, Soldier of Fortune and others. His blog is Truth and Consequences.

Email [email protected] to schedule an interview.

Accuracy in Media is the leading citizens’ media watchdog whose mission is to promote accuracy, fairness and balance in news reporting. AIM exposes politically motivated media bias, teaches consumers to think critically about their news sources, and holds the mainstream press accountable for its misreporting. For more information, please visit www.aim.org.

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